Borrow the Steinway B Grand Piano or Kawai Electric Piano

We are pleased that you are interested in using one of our instruments for the benefit of your organization.

The Walla Walla Piano Group owns two instruments that are currently available to the Walla Walla community:

Steinway B Grand Piano (with adjustable bench) – this instrument is only available for use by non-profit organizations and governments (including educational) entities in the performance of and/or for the benefit of their individual missions.  Use of the instrument is free, but borrower is responsible for moving fees (by Piano Group approved mover, billed hourly and typically $100-$150, paid by check) and for having the instrument tuned by a Piano Group approved piano tuner (typically $120).  Approved tuners include: Clint Dickerson at Dickerson’s Piano Service (541-938-7551) or Lee Johnson at Johnson Tuning and Repair (360-241-7142).

Kawai Electric Piano (keyboard, stand, pedal and bench) – this instrument is available to non-profits and for-profit entitites.  The instrument is free to use for non-profits.  A rental fee of $100 (payable by check to the WWPG) will be charged of for-profits.  Moving the instrument is the responsibility of the borrower (it can be easily transported by two people with a standard-sized vehicle).

Bose Sound Tower (amplification system for electric piano) – the Bose sound tower is available for use with the Kawai electric piano.  It cannot be borrowed by itself.  The sound tower is free to use for non-profits.  A rental fee of $50 (payable by check to the WWPG) will be charged of for-profits.  Moving the sound tower is the responsibility of the borrower.

Policies for Instrument Use:

  • NOTHING should be placed on the top of the piano except the score.
  • The piano should be locked and covered immediately following each use.
  • The piano should be played only by the stated performer(s).
  • There should be minimal moving of the piano after it is placed.
  • Care should be taken with the bench, the cover, and any other equipment that you are borrowing.
  • Your organization will report the attendance at your performance(s) to the WWPG.
  • Your organization is responsible for providing adequate security for the instrument while it is in your care.
  • You will immediately report any problems with the instrument to the WWPG.
  • Your organization will acknowledge the WWPG at the beginning of your performance (as possible), and in printed material that you produce for publicizing your event.

If you prefer to download the application for instrument use, you may do so here: Application for Piano